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CLS Bible Studies are useful resources for Christian lawyers and law students written by Christian lawyers over the past years. The subject matter and issues are pertinent to lawyers in all walks of their life and profession. Please download and take time with other lawyers and law students to go “deeper.” They are all in .pdf format and need Adobe Reader to be downloaded.

Being Grown as Leaders from God’s Seed of Faith
Being Personally Led, from the Inside Out, by Christ’s Authentic Love

Intimacy with God: Evaluating and Rekindling Your Relationship
Helping You Evaluate Your Relationship with God and Rekindle Your Desire to Draw Nearer to Him
Bridgebuilding: The Ministry of Reconciliation in a World of Conflict
A Bible Study on Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation
Portrait of a Peacemaker
Using Moses’ Example as Reconcilier
Christian Leadership: The Source of the Vision
Biblical Discussion of Key Characteristics of Christian Leadership
The Advocate
A Biblical Approach to Legal Ethics
God’s Law: Our Delight
God’s Law Points Us to Salvation and is a Guide for Our Lives as Believers and Lawyers

The Lawgiver
A Study of Biblical Jurisprudence

The Last Shall Be First: A Challenge for Christian Lawyers
Helping the Lawyer and Law Student Understand the Servant’s Calling We Have as Followers of Christ
Through It All
This Bible Study Helps Us Share Our Paths With One Another and Understand God is with Us Every Step
Seven Deadly Malpractices
Seven Bible studies concentrating on the seven deadly sins and how they apply to life in the law.
Bible Study Briefs
Practical application for the lawyer/law student on major Bible topics that relate to the law.



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